Publications & Awards

Peer-Reviewed Fiction, Poetry, and Prose:

“Always, I Smile,” short story, Lavender Bones Magazine (December, 2021) Read Here

“For Crying,” essay, Hash Journal (September, 2021) Read Here

Raising Panic” novel manuscript, long-listed, Petrichor Prize Regal House (September, 2021) More here

“Their Warmth,” short fiction, Santa Fe Writers Project (July, 2021) Read Here

“Imaginary Fear,” essay with The Under Review (June, 2021) Read here

“The Gravity of Adrianne Lane,” short story, Winner 2021 Fiction, Please See Me (April, 2021) Read here

“Renaming Panic,” novel manuscript, Semi-finalist in Hidden River Arts, Eludia Award for unpublished book (January, 2021) Information Here

“The Ritual of Smoking,” essay, Winner of the 2020 Dogwood Literary Award in Nonfiction, Dogwood, a Journal of Poetry and Prose, Volume 19 (2020) Information Here

“Renaming Panic,” novel excerpt, Townsend Journal, Volume 2 (May, 2020) Purchase Here

“Coffee To Go,” essay, American Writer’s Review, Special COVID-19 Anthology (Summer 2020)

“VW Roadtrip,” poem, Ephimiliar Journal (October, 2019) Read Here

“They Butterfly,” short story, Briar’s Lit Anthology, Volume 2 (January, 2019)  Read Here

“One Earnest Prayer,” micro-essay, Brevity, One Minute Memoir (September, 2018) Listen Here

“Hope That Comes,” essay, Not Your Mother’s Breast Milk (September, 2018) Read Here

“August 29, 2008,” essay, Past Ten  (August, 2018)  Read Here

“Blue Venus,” short story, Jerry Jazz Musician, finalist (August, 2018) Read Here

“The Flat of Her Back,” short story, Scarlet Leaf Review (May, 2018) Read Here

“Submittable Frenzy,” poem, Submittable-Centric contest (April 2018) Read Here

“Ignorance Is,” short story, Ink Stains Anthology (vol. 7, 2018). Order Here

“Dead Old Man,” short story, Crow Pie (vol. 1, 2017). (defunct)

“Acro Circus,” short story, Icarus Down Review (April, 2016). (defunct)

“His Name,” short story, Acorn Review (vol. 44, 2004). Read Here

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